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Zebra battery charging station, 2 slotsSAC-TC55-2BTYC1
Dual Spare Battery Charger, 2-slots, charge batteries via the TC55 charging cup docked in the 5...
Zebra charging station, 1 slotCRD1S-RFD8500-1R
Charging station, 1 slot, fits for: RFD8500, order separately: power supply, power cord
Zebra iPod mountKT-IPODTCH-100
Zebra iPod mount, fits for: RFD8500
Zebra RFD8500, RFID (UHF), 2D, BluetoothRFD8500-5000100-EU
RFID reader/writer, UHF (865-868MHz), barcode scanner (1D/2D), IP52, scan rate: 600 tags/sec.,...
Zebra RFD8500, RFID (UHF), BluetoothRFD8500-1000100-EU
RFID reader/writer, UHF (865-868MHz), IP52, scan rate: 600 tags/sec., Micro USB, Bluetooth (2.1),...
Zebra spare batteryBTRY-TC55-29MA1-01
Spare battery, 2940 mAh, Lithium-Ion, fits for: TC55, RFD8500
Zebra spare battery, extendedBTRY-TC55-44MA1-01
Battery, extended, 4410 mAh, Lithium-Ion, fits for: TC55, RFD8500, order separately: battery door...
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