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Flexible Intellistand, black20-70774-02R
Flexible stand for the LS42xx-series, colour: black
Flexible Intellistand, light grey20-70774-01R
Flexible stand for the LS42xx-series, colour: light grey
Zebra cable, IBMCBA-M01-S07ZAR
IBM connection cable, RS232, 2.13m, straight, fits for IBM type 468x on port 9B
Zebra IBM cableCBA-M02-C09ZAR
IBM connection cable, RS232, 2.75 m long, coiled, fits for IBM terminal type 468x, into Port 9B
Zebra stand20-147076-07
Flexible, gooseneck-intellistand, twilight black, for Zebra LS4208/DS4208
Zebra stand20-147076-01
Flexible, gooseneck-intellistand, white, for Zebra LS4208/DS4208
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